Spring/Summer 2022

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In our Spring/Summer 2022 issue, you'll find:

  • Go Sustainable: Eco-friendly venues across the state 

  • Unique and beautiful ideas for cakes, centerpieces and reception design

  • Romantic real weddings 

  • Designs that inspire a modern twist on the classic white palette 

  • Wedding experts weigh in on the secrets of planning a perfect wedding

On Our Covers

“Kamila” bridal gown by Odylyne the Ceremony. Laura Estrada “Jahnu” earrings, $278 at LOHO Bride in Los Angeles. (left hand) Five diamond marquis ring, diamond twist ring, both from Ounce of Salt in Manhattan Beach. (right hand) Ounce of Salt gold twist ring, Dena Kemp ring.

Photography by Sam Spence at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica. Hair by Mari Bowring. Makeup by Tanya Bures of Page Beauty. Styled by Catlin Myers. Art directed by Keely Brittles.