Ten Must-Haves for Your Wedding Welcome Bags

Perfect the welcome bag with these essential ideas.
Written by
Emily Sweet

Who doesn't love a good welcome bag? Typically comprised for out-of-town guests or for destination weddings, welcome bags give guests a few trinkets and treats to show your appreciation. Whether you're putting together welcome bags for out-of-town guests or the entire guest list, they really set the tone for the rest of the wedding experience. With a unique and fun mix of items, guests are sure to get into the spirit quickly and get excited for the festivities to come.

The great thing about welcome bags is that you can easily put together your own (especially with the help of your bridal party) and have them waiting for guests upon their arrival, a great way for them to be greeted after traveling. 

We've rounded up ten important items to include in your welcome bags, and from local favorites to handwritten notes, we've got you covered. 

1. Wedding Essentials 
Trust us, your guests will thank you later for including the essentials. It's a good idea to include things like lip balm, mints, band-aids, a sewing kit, Advil or another pain reliver and stain remover. These items will make sure your guests are good to go in case of any last-minute emergencies. 

2. Your Favorite Snacks 
Feed your guests' appetites with a carefully curated selection of your and your significant other's favorite snacks. From sweet treats to salty bites, make sure to include all your favorites. Guests are sure to enjoy your selections and learn about your favorites while munching away.

3. Personalized Tote Bag
A customized tote bag is an adorable and useful way to package your welcome bags. With nearly endless possibilities for design and colors, there are countless ways to make a unique bag that guests will find themselves using for years after. Swag Bags Co. offers customers a way to personalize their tote bags with a range of cute styles. 

4. Something Boozy 
Set the tone for a fun weekend by getting the party started early with some alcohol in your welcome bags. You can opt for classic mini champagne bottles or choose your personal favorites to feature in your bags, either way, guests are guaranteed to enjoy the treat. Make sure to include a bottle opener if necessary! 

5. A Local Treat
What better way to pay homage to the location of your wedding than with local goodies from the area? Whether it's local craft beer or artisan honey, there are endless options to support local businesses and find a meaningful gift for your welcome bags. Putting in local items is also a great way to help guests learn about the locale and get familiar with the area you've chosen for your wedding and what it means to you. 

6. Personalized Map of the Area
Work with your significant other to create a completely personalized map of the area for guests. You can feature your favorite local spots, meaningful locations, and tourist attractions guests might enjoy. This will help get guests acquainted with the area and get a taste of why you chose to hold your wedding there. This is a great place to put your wedding hashtag if you have one. Paper Cake Designs on Etsy makes personalized maps that are chic and stylish. 

7. Weather Accommodations   
Make sure your guests are prepared for whatever weather conditions might be incoming. For warmer weather opt for sunscreen, aloe vera, a fan and sunglasses to wear during the event. For colder weddings, hand warmers, umbrellas and wraps may be necessary. 

8. Handwritten Thank-You Notes
What's better than a meaningful handwritten note? Adding in a handwritten note thanking guests for attending your wedding is not only a meaningful gesture but a perfect addition to your welcome bags. Make your guests feel as appreciated as they are by telling them with a personalized card waiting for them upon arrival. 

9. Water Bottles 
Go for a more sustainable option than plastic water bottles and opt for reusable bottles. To coordinate with your wedding design, choose a hue for the water bottles that match your color palette at the wedding or opt for a personalized logo. Swell has chic and sleek water bottles that are a perfect fit for a wedding welcome bag and has customization options and a range of colors and styles. 

10. Wedding Itinerary 
It's a good idea to include your wedding itinerary in welcome bags to give guests an idea of what the upcoming days will look like. Make sure to include all the exciting festivities you have planned in your itinerary and list locations, times and dress codes if desired. If you want to opt for a more high-tech option, couples can opt to create a custom QR code guests can scan to take them to a corresponding website. This is another great place to include your wedding hashtag if you have one! Zazzle offers a variety of sleek itineraries for couples to choose from, perfectly suited for any welcome bag. 


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