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Vows & Speeches has professional speechwriters who can help you (or your wedding party) write and edit custom vows, assist with Best Man/Maid of Honor/parental speeches/toasts, and where needed, script the ceremony itself.  They'll make sure it’s moving, structured, entertaining, and where appropriate, funny.  Most importantly, they will help ensure that these moments aren’t left to chance and are as special as you want them to be. 


“We’re are so happy with how the vows came out. A member of the audience told us there was tears streaming down everyone’s face and that they were so touched with them. They said they sounded so genuine and from the heart. And that it sounded just like us and they were perfect. They couldn’t have been done any better.” — Hannah (California)

"My vows were beautiful and I received so many compliments on them. When I first read the draft, it brought tears to my eyes. After reading it, I was so in love! I had to practice reading them without crying. I cannot say enough how thankful I am that you were able to put exactly how I feel in words for me to express on my wedding day." - Peggy 

"What a fantastic experience! Working with Brian made my life 10x easier during a hectic work schedule. He was fun to talk to, understood my vision and very quick to respond. Would highly recommend!" - Elizabeth 

"Brian is amazing! He went above and beyond asking me questions to help me write the most beautiful wedding speech for my sister. He took all of my ideas and made them shine in a way I could not, delivering the exact emotion, tone and meaning of what I envisioned. Hiring Brian was the best decision." - Briana 

“Everyone said they loved my speech. The first draft was lovely and I had no changes. It had me welling up every time I practiced it!” - Norma M. (California)

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