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Choosing the Right Gown

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nayri Kalayjian grew up amid the high-fashion bridal industry, knowing that one day she, too, would join that realm of fashion. Since those early days, Nayri has been a part of Lovella Bridal's team for more than 10 years. Her styling motto is "to enable brides to express their love story through the art of fashion." 

Here, California Wedding Day talks with Nayri about her expert tips on how to choose the right gown.

Q. After the engagement, where should brides start their search for a gown?
A. I suggest finding photos of dresses that appeal to you; then you can share the images, your vision and inspiration with your bridal stylist at the beginning of the search. After you have an idea of what you're looking for, choose a reputable salon that caters to your vision and personal shopping experience. Always remember to keep an open mind. You may come across an extraordinary dress you never imagined.

Q. How does body type or personality influence gown choice?
A. Every body type and personality is unique to each bride; the trained eye of an expert Lovella stylist is able to collaborate the cut, fit and style of a gown best suited to enhance one's physical beauty. Lovella designers are illusionists; we have the ability to create gowns that flatter one's physical presence without masking their personality.

Q. What are the top trends for this fall/winter?
A. Elegant, sophisticated, romantic, modern sexy silhouettes are among the top contenders. More and more we are seeing lighter gowns that are more comfortable to wear. However, the simplicity of these gowns won't keep you from making a statement on your big day!

Q. What is your favorite gown style?
A. My favorite style is the perfect shape and look that compliments, fulfills and projects the bride's expression of love on her big day.

Q. Who should a bride bring to a fitting?
A. For a fitting, you will want to include select family/friends near and dear to your heart who share, support and celebrate your vision. The key is to carefully select those who won't make the experience about their desires and opinions.

Q. Is there such a thing as "the one," when it comes to dress selection?
A. The myth of, "you know when it's the one," is overrated. Every bride's gown-search process is unique to their character, vision and personality - hence, the selection process is equally as unique as saying "yes" to the dress. In the end, it's not the number of dresses a bride has tried on, but rather the customized expertise in which the gowns were selected. The stronger the emotional connection, the closer the bride is to claiming their dream dress as "the one." From there, the gown inspires the story every bride authors in anticipation of their big day.

Q. What makes a gown unique?
A. The bride. The gown is as beautiful and unique as the bride wearing it.

Q. What is your favorite part about being a stylist?
A. I love delivering the unexpected and the unimaginable! My passion is to create a vision beyond a bride’s wildest imagination or dreams. My favorite part of the styling process is transforming the bride from ordinary to extraordinary. I am constantly inspired by the love stories that unfold throughout the styling process. It's poetry in the making.


Be sure to stop by Lovella's new location opening later this fall - 224 S. Brand Blvd. in Glendale, Calif. - to meet Nayri in person. Stay tuned for more information about Lovella Bridal's grand opening of their new, bigger and even better salon.

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