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Flower Girl Tea Parties

Megan McCarty Lara Burnap

Being a flower girl in a wedding is a momentous occasion for a little one. Unfortunately, the overwhelmed bride tends to overlook the starstruck flower girl. Event planner—and mother of a 6-year-old—Sara Holland of Long Beach’s At Your Door Events realized that the littlest member of the wedding party needed her own celebration. “I love encouraging brides to have mini celebrations leading up to the wedding day,” explains Holland. “Throwing a tea party for flower girls is a way to make them feel special and have time to bond with the bride.” Holland designed a gorgeous keepsake invite to the ladylike afternoon by nestling a vintage teacup among yellow rose petals in a personalized jewelry box. To follow a grown-up snack of tea, cake and petits fours, Holland created an adorable hopscotch board so the bride and flower girl could play together. “Girls are always so enamored by the idea of being in the wedding,” notes Holland. “And this dainty celebration helps build the excitement and increase their confidence the day of the wedding—all while creating a special memory.”

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