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Vision Quest: AllSeated's Virtual Reality Goggles Make Your Wedding Design Easy to Imagine


Envisioning your wedding day can be overwhelming. You want everything to go as planned and see the vision come to life. If only there was a way you could see your wedding before walking down the aisle. Allseated virtual reality goggles make it possible for bride's to virtually walk down the aisle a little early. These goggles give you a 3D view of what your special day will look like. Not only can you see your furniture, reception room and set up, but you can also share the link with your guests, friends and family to give them a clearer picture of what to expect. And we can guarantee seeing your big day virtually is going to increase your anticipation. 

This cool VR capability is the latest in AllSeated’s tools that include scaled floorplans event venues, guest lists, seating arrangements, timelines, and 3D designer capabilities. Venues, planners, caterers, vendors and engaged couples can now virtually tour their future event, complete with furniture, in a realistic simulation through AllSeated’s special virtual reality goggles.

Click on the link below to get a better visual of how these awesome goggles work. 

California Wedding Day Planning Checklist!

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