Simple and Sweet Wedding Cakes

From: Fall Winter 2014 edition
The Butter End Cakery

Whether it’s elegant and frosting-free or one finished in a homespun style, couples are simplifying their cake act. “Naked cakes are appealing for their rustic look and foodie appeal,” explains Andrea Boudewijn of Studio City–based Superfine Bakery, whose bare creations include chocolate cakes decorated with ripped gold leaf to versions with cascades of berries and a dusting of powdered sugar. Veteran baker Leslie Maynor of Pasadena’s Fantasy Frostings, who created one of the most notable naked cakes for bride Hilary Duff, notes that one of the best attributes is the aroma, “The whole space is permeated with the smell of freshly baked cake.”

For those who insist on covering up, but don’t want fondant enrobing their cake, Santa Monica’s The Butter End Cakery goes back to the basics. Owner Kimberly Bailey bakes everything from fancy tiered creations to elegant homespun cakes, all iced in a true buttercream frosting (a four-ingredient recipe of the best butter, organic milk, powdered sugar and pure extract) or a premium rolled chocolate that creates the same effect as fondant with a more pleasant taste and texture. Simple and chic or elegant and homespun, there is a cake for every taste.

1. (above) The Butter End Cakery creates a romantic look by using hand-sculpted, wafer-thin strips of premium white rolled chocolate to create a textured look and layers of frills. “The dimension and whimsy of this cake make it special,” notes Bailey.

photo courtesy of Superfine Bakery

2. Superfine Bakery’s tuxedo cake (above), with alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake, and filled with salted caramel buttercream and a layer of salted caramel in the center. Finished with dripping caramel, fresh seasonal fruit, pink peppercorn sprigs and orange marzipan kumquats.


photography by Brian Leahy Photography

3. Adorned with fresh figs, this large, single-tier cake (above) features The Butter End’s unique “spackle finish” buttercream for an elegant homespun look. It’s accompanied by a matching gluten-free mini cake.


photography by Callaway Gable Studios

4. Fantasy Frostings keeps it clean, simple and true to the robust red velvet flavor. Double cream cheese frosting and a crown of fresh flowers complete the tasteful cake (above).