Ask the Experts: Designing a Custom Bridal Gown

Written by
Megan McCarty Lara Burnap


Spring/Summer 2012

Consider your venue

“I like to know what sort of venue is being considered, as I like to tailor my design with this in mind. For example, is it a church wedding, beach, mountain or meadow? This affects the fabric, style and color. Above all, I recommend brides be realistic about what they are involving themselves in. Custom gowns require a great amount of attention and cooperation, not just from the designer, but also from the bride.” —Alina Pizzano of Alina Pizzano Couture Bridal in Pasadena,

Know what looks good on you 

"Think about what types of dress silhouettes are the most flattering on you. My suggestion is that you look in your own closet and see which styles of everyday clothes you gravitate to and feel best in. Your designer will guide you; you must be in tune with what lines of a dress make you feel most beautiful. Details to consider: necklines, sleeves, narrowness or   fullness of the dress.” —Cocoe Voci of Cocoe Voci Atelier in Los Angeles,

Arrive inspired

 “After seeing an image of the bride’s dream dress, her fiancé, and knowing how big the wedding will be, I sit down and design a gown that complements all of those elements while taking into consideration the bride’s character, style and budget.” —Arminé Sexehian Ohanessian of R-Mine Bespoke in Studio City,