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The Blushing Details is an Aesthetic Wedding Planning & Design company that believe in creating memorable events which encapsulate the distinctive personalities of their clients. Their strong qualities are to guide and create fun-filled, stress-free environments matched with flawless creativity and focused attention to detail. They are passionate about their work and their commitment to deliver events that surpass expectation.


"Carol truly is the best! I was not a bride that already knew every detail of my wedding when I got engaged, but she was very patient with me . She is very sweet and professional, and really made my dream wedding come true! Her organization saved me so much stress, and her assistants were very helpful on the day of my wedding. Our schedule was very tight but Carol made sure everything went smoothly. Throughout the planning process it can be easy to lose sight of the overall picture, but Carol was great at making sure EVERY detail was taken care of the way I wanted it so I could actually enjoy my wedding day with my husband. When I saw everything put together on my wedding day I was so thankful to Carol and her team for really listening to my vision, and it truly was perfect. Without Carol I know my wedding would not have been the same. She really does go above and beyond, and I am so thankful I met her!" – Shelly and Harrison

"Once we decided to have our wedding at a family home, we knew that we needed a planner who could also help us come up with a cohesive design. We had some non-traditional ideas about what we wanted for our wedding, and we were looking for someone who could help us execute. We worked with Carol for the better part of a year. She helped us put together the most incredible team of vendors who all worked seamlessly together and were all a perfect fit to create the vibe we were going for. She acted as the intermediary between us and the vendors and kept us on track throughout the planning process. Despite being warned, we really didn’t know how complicated or stressful wedding planning would be - especially at a family home. Carol made sure we figured everything out - even the stuff we had no idea we had to figure out! She was super accessible and responsive throughout the whole planning process. Carol also created a cohesive aesthetic design that brought everything together - something we were really looking for direction on. As we approached the actual wedding, Belen stepped in as the Coordinator. She created a detailed plan and timeline for the day of the wedding to ensure all of the logistics were handled. The day of the wedding, Belen, Carol, and their team handled everything. We (and our families - homeowners included) were able to enjoy the day completely without having to worry about anything. Desperately need water? They are on it. Run out of cups? Twice? Taken care of. Many of the compliments that we received fell into three categories: (1) the flow of the evening was great - there wasn’t any awkward amount of time spent waiting for the next “thing.” (2) Everything was beautiful in each of the spaces (ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception). (3) The overall feel and vibe of the wedding was personal, special, and so much fun. None of this would have been achieved without Carol, Belen, and the entire Blushing Details team. After spending so much time, energy, and stress planning a single day event, walking away thinking it was better than you ever could have hoped for is an amazing feeling. That would not have been possible without Carol, Belen, and their team. We are almost tempted to do it all again!" – Jaryn & John

"Carol and her team are superstars!!! We hired carol for the month of package but really she was available for me from the second we hired her (about 8 months out or so). She gave me suggestions for vendors and even advised me on how to deal with some frustrating situations. The weeks leading up to the wedding she was handling the timeline and revised it for me so many times because I was indecisive about how I wanted things to go. Through this I never felt like she was bothered or frustrated. She was always willing to work with me and make sure I was getting what I wanted. That carried over to the day of. She made sure everything was perfect. People kept warning me “something will go wrong” well, as far as I know NOTHING did and I can’t help but think I have Carol to thank for that. She was on top of everything as was her team. They had antacids for my fiancé, Advil for my headache and even a snack when I was getting hungry! The day of there was nothing we asked her that she didn’t say yes to. She really made sure the day was a dream. She was there with her team until the end of the event. The girls on her team were equally as amazing. I HIGHLY recommend the Blushing Details for your big day! Carol and her team are the best in the business :)" – Rachel & Joey

"We could not have asked for a better wedding planner. Carol and her team did an amazing job making sure our wedding day was everything we had hoped it would be! As a bride who can be a little indecisive, Carol was extremely patient, helpful, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process which made us feel like our wedding was in good hands! We would recommend her over and over again, she truly is the best!" - Allyson & Erick

"Carol was nothing short of amazing, and really made us feel that she cared about our wedding from the very beginning. We met with a few other candidates, but she was the only one that made us feel like she was really invested in the final result. Her excitement, input, and calming presence really helped make our entire wedding planning process go much smoother. Our wedding day turned out to be everything we hoped it would be and much more, and a large part of that is because of Carol and her team! We received a ton of compliments from our guests about how much fun they had at the wedding and how smoothly everything went. If anything did go wrong, we sure didn’t know about it because it was most likely caught much sooner. We really enjoyed working with her and we would definitely recommend her to any and everybody looking for a wedding coordinator!" – Melissa & Henry


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