Bridgerton-Inspired Wedding Day at Los Verdes Golf Course

Real Wedding
Angeline and Hamed's bright nuptials paid homage to their heritage and favorite TV show.
Written by
Chelsea Gibson


California Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2023

College sweethearts Angeline Bernabe and Hamed Hokamzadeh brought the world of Bridgerton—the bride’s favorite TV show—to life with their modern‭, ‬Regency-inspired wedding‭. ‬Guests were welcomed with the regal sounds of a string quartet playing the‭ ‬couple’s favorite songs as they made their way to the 10th tee‭, ‬which was decorated with a floral gate‭, ‬a grand Sofreh Aghd and a floral arch‭. ‬Each seat held a Lady Whistledown-inspired program and a wooden fan from the Philippines embossed with the couple’s hashtag in honor of Angeline’s Filipino heritage‭. ‬Their multicultural ceremony was a nod to their heritage‭. ‬They began with a condensed Catholic ceremony‭, ‬officiated by Father Brian Delvaux of the Good Shepherd Church before exchanging their own vows‭. ‬To honor the bride’s background‭, ‬their sponsors draped a veil and cord over the couple and lit a unity candle to signify their union‭. ‬A nod to the‭ ‬groom’s Iranian heritage‭, ‬the couple took part in an Aghd tradition where the officiant‭, ‬Ali Ghadaksaz‭, ‬led a sugar and honey ceremony‭. ‬Moving into cocktail hour‭, ‬the quartet continued to play as guests enjoyed Bridgerton-themed libations on the terrace amid beautiful sunset views‭. ‬During the reception‭, ‬the bride and groom surprised their parents with their first dance to‭ ‬“How Deep Is Your Love”‭ ‬by the Bee Gees‭. ‬Neither the bride nor the groom’s parents had a wedding of their own‭, ‬so everyone ensured this was an unforgettable experience‭.  



City State:

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


Southern CA





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