A Boho Beachfront Wedding Day at The Cliffs Hotel and Spa

Real Wedding
Xochitl & Gregory chic coastal celebration in Pismo Beach
Written by
Teya Heidenreich


California Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2023

Xochitl Acevedo and Greg Nabers married in 2022‭ ‬with their blended family of three children by their sides‭. ‬They had been planning their wedding since 2018‭, ‬but had to deal with a number of postponements because of COVID-19‭. ‬The couple lives in Florida but‭ ‬opted to wed in California‭, ‬where they met‭. ‬Xochitl and Greg’s wedding ceremony featured a custom arch covered in flowers and greenery‭, ‬which acted as a backdrop as they exchanged vows‭. ‬A beautiful part of the day was the‭ ‬“sand ceremony‭,‬”‭ ‬in which the couple and their three kids each poured a different color of sand into the same container as a symbol of their family union‭. ‬The event’s décor evoked a beachy‭, ‬coastal bohemian atmosphere with earthy‭, ‬natural tones and textures‭. ‬The succulents that were ever present in the Fresno landscape where Xochitl grew up were incorporated into the florals‭, ‬along with floribunda and tea roses‭, ‬air plants and preserved eucalyptus‭. ‬Dining that evening involved a customized menu with three entrées‭, ‬each one representing a state‭ ‬meaningful to the couple‭: ‬California‭, ‬with Santa Maria–style tri-tip‭; ‬Florida‭, ‬with smoked snapper and fried plantains‭; ‬and Louisiana‭ (‬where the couple moved shortly after they met‭), ‬with grilled andouille sausage‭. ‬They also had a kids’‭ ‬corner‭, ‬with free babysitting set up by the reception hall that included movies‭, ‬crafts‭, ‬and a buffet with pizza and chicken fingers‭. ‬For Xochitl and Greg‭, ‬the best part of their day was saying their vows with the California coastline in the background and later taking pictures of a glorious sunset‭.‬

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Pismo Beach, CA


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