Expert Advice: 11 Wedding Day Do's & Don'ts

There are no rules when planning your wedding - this is YOUR DAY. But, this expert advice is worth taking note of …
Written by
Laura Cross

Planning for your big day can be as challenging as it is exciting. It is full of joyous events with your nearest and dearest, but can also include stress and an overwhelming amount of tasks. It’s important to remind yourself that as you and your fiancé venture on the wedding planning journey, as hard as you may try, nothing will ever be perfect. But that’s not to say that you can’t be properly prepared.

From finding your dream venue and the person who will help you execute this most important day, to making sure no detail gets forgotten, we’ve compiled a list of Wedding Day Do’s and Don’t to help ensure you and your guests have the best possible experience ... from none other than a few of our own California Wedding Industry Experts!


DO have a first look!
100% always recommend a first look because HIS REACTION IS WORTH IT!
~ Ariel Nunez, Magnolia West Photography

DO a last minute check of yourself.
No matter if it is a bow tie, bolo tie, or long tie make sure to do a last-minute tweak to make sure it is straight and even. 
(Bonus points if you get the same person to tie all the neckwear so that they all look identical.)
~ Chelsea Barns, Friar Tux | Stitch & Tie

DO make sure you are drinking extra water leading up to your big day, and especially during your rehearsal.  
If you can add some carrot juice once or twice the week of your wedding it will add a beautiful glow to your skin, as well.
~ Tami Bernard, Tami Bernard Makeup

DO line your “grand entrance” aisle with your “party people” so that while your photographer is capturing the crowd, your most fun people are in plain sight.
~ Michaelene Sandberg, Queen Bee Design Studio

DO go for the bubbles!
Out with the sparklers and say hi to bubble guns.  It is the life of the party! 
~ Dee Lee, Dee Lee Designs

DO make sure your gown, veil, and all of your bridesmaids dresses are all steamed by the day before (not the day of!).
Steam is not good for hair and makeup. 

~ Tami Bernard, Tami Bernard Makeup


DON'T wait until the last minute to put on the wedding dress.
You should be dressed a minimum of 1 hour prior to the wedding (even if you’re not doing pre-wedding photos).
~ Anna Fergus, The Cliffs Hotel & Spa

DON'T save writing your vows until the morning of your wedding, especially sitting in the makeup chair.
It’s very hard to do makeup on you when you are looking down and crying getting puffy eyes.

~ Tami Bernard, Tami Bernard Makeup

DON'T forget your invitation!
Order one complete invitation suite (addressed to yourself) that you can take on your wedding day to get a beautiful flat lay detail shot without worrying about a family member having to bring theirs. Even better if it is addressed with your new last name and has the venue address so you won't have to worry about hiding any personal details with flowers or stamps.
~ Michaelene Sandberg, Queen Bee Design Studio

DON'T toss the bouquet!
We mean that literally! Instead, handle with care so your flowers may live beautifully and happily ever after with our modern bouquet preservation. DO: Have your floral designer create a secondary arrangement or use a bridesmaid's bouquet in lieu for the special moment.
~ Crystal Balcom, Ever After Bouquet

DON'T put anything in your pockets!
Okay this is one of those tips that seem like a no-brainer, but it gets left off the brain too often…MAKE SURE THERE IS NOTHING IN THE PANTS POCKETS. Trust us, you can see them, and it is the most annoying thing to see a cell phone outline in all your wedding day pictures. Also, right before pictures or walking down the aisle, make sure to do a “pull-up check”. Pants naturally fall further down on your hips while you wear them, especially without a belt.  So just make sure to pull them up perfectly on the hips, that way they look crisp, clean, and not baggy for pictures.
~ Chelsea Barns, Friar Tux | Stitch & Tie