Monochromatic Matrimony at 1880‭ ‬Union Hotel in Los Alamos

Real Wedding
Unique, handmade details were on full display at Lindsey and Chase's boho nuptials.
Written by
Chelsea Gibson


California Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2023

Lindsey Konig and Chase Redfield met like many of their millennial cohorts do‭: ‬online‭. ‬This Bumble success story budded as the couple bonded over their upbringings‭, ‬shared friends‭, ‬the outdoors‭, ‬and a taste for travel and adventure‭, ‬which culminated in their beautiful wedding at 1880‭ ‬Union Hotel in Los Alamos‭. ‬Chase was a history major in college‭, ‬so he picked the historic venue for its personality and flair‭. ‬Lindsey had once worked for a Newport Beach landscape design firm‭. ‬While there‭, ‬she had developed an affinity for handmade and organic pottery‭, ‬which she infused into her wedding day‭; ‬most of the large terra-cotta urns used in‭ ‬the décor were imported Egyptian pottery‭. ‬A monochromatic vibe was given off by various subtle tones of champagne and creamy white‭. ‬This palette permeated every detail of the polished yet boho-inspired wedding—from the bridesmaids’‭ ‬fashion to the dried and bleached floral elements‭. ‬Guests particularly loved the unusual escort wall‭, ‬which featured escort cards tied to a small bud vase filled with bleached florals‭. ‬Another highlight of the day was the sultry saxophone player‭, ‬who rocked the house and delivered an epic performance for this music-loving couple‭.‬


City State:

Los Alamos, CA


Southern CA





Bridal gown
Bridesmaids’‭ ‬attire
Catering and Venue
Doughnut wall and seating chart
Joel Graykowski‭
Groom’s and groomsmen’s attire‭
Dominique Anabalon