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Creative First Look Ideas from Real Couples

The intimacy of the first look a couple shares on their wedding day is one they will always cherish—not to mention the sweet photographic moments it creates. Adventure lovers Monica Ball and Danny Zondervan took their first look to new heights by hiking almost a quarter of a mile to a grove of ancient oak trees in San Juan Capistrano’s Wilderness Park. Ball headed up first, while Zondervan followed a distance behind—blindfolded, no less. “We stood there, cloaked in the cool shade of the trees, sharing the love we had for each other and our excitement at committing our lives to one another,” says Ball. “Both of us being a little shy, we liked that it was so intimate.”

Back in L.A., Paige Fullmer and Jeremy West took advantage of the Vibiana’s history as a cathedral and incorporated the confessionals into their day. “We were both just talking from one side of the confessional to the other,” says Fullmer “After a few pictures we got to see each other. That moment was something I could never fully put into words. What a precious, precious moment that we got to share.”

California Wedding Day Planning Checklist!

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