Trending: Conflict-Free Rings

A lab-grown pear shaped diamond on a pave band
Start your wedding journey off right with a sustainable choice for your engagement and wedding rings.
Written by
Emma Franke

Sponsored by Clean Origin

This year, California brides have been leaning more and more toward eco-friendly options for every aspect of wedding planning. For many, that commitment to sustainability begins at the very start of the planning process, with the engagement ring. Lab-grown diamonds have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, and not without reason. Although they grow in a lab rather than underground, these diamonds are chemically, physically and optically the same as traditional gems. Because they don't require heavy machinery, explosives, hydraulics or dangerous working conditions, they are inherently conflict-free. By skipping the mining step, lab-grown diamonds save the buyer anywhere from 20-40% of the cost of mined jewels. That’s money you can put toward your honeymoon – or invest in a bigger diamond (watch out, Kim K!).

Alexander Weindling, a third-generation diamond merchant, founded Clean Origin in 2017 with Ryan Bonifacino, the former chief marketing officer at Alex and Ani, and Terry Burman, the former CEO of Signet Jewelers, Sterling Jewelers and chairman of Zale Corporation. Together, the three have over 100 years of experience in the diamond industry and bring their combined expertise to this new disrupter in the engagement ring market. Conflict-free rings  have no shortage of style. Below, a few exciting lab-grown jewelry trends.

Art Deco
2020 is around the corner, which means the roaring twenties are approaching once again. Pay tribute to some of the great design of last century and some of California’s best architecture (oh hey, Golden Gate Bridge!) with an emerald- or Asscher-cut diamond.

Profile Detailing
Let the little things speak the loudest for your ring design. While your diamond will always be the star of the show, the profile of your ring can add detail and excitement each time you catch a glimpse of it. The vintage collection at Clean Origin has dozens of options, from the decorative to the symbolic, that add depth and personality to each piece.

Bridal Sets
Dainty, stackable rings have been all the rage in recent years, thanks in large part to a select few California brands. Incorporate your love for layered looks into your wedding jewelry – choose from the preselected combinations of engagement and wedding bands at Clean Origin or design your own set from the innumerable options available. Make sure your rings tell a story about your relationship and personality.

Three-Stone Rings
We are so lucky in California to enjoy an incredible and varied natural landscape. Symbolize your love for your home state with a three-stone ring – each stone representing a different aspect of the environment. Mountains, ocean and desert coincide with friendship, love and fidelity. Celebrate the adventures you have shared with your partner and will experience together in your married future.

Bonus: Bracelets and Earrings
Wedding-day bride style is so much more than just your left-hand sparkle. Make sure that the rest of your accessories match your sustainable, eco-friendly ring with lab-grown diamonds and sparkle to spare.

The Golden State is home to a lot of huge and famous wedding rings. Make sure yours is on-trend, socially conscious and absolutely show-stealing. Personalize your ring even further as you shop by choosing between multiple band colors, diamond shapes, settings and sizes.

You are already paying attention to where your produce, meat, dairy and clothing come from. Why shouldn’t you put that level of care into a purchase as huge as your engagement ring? This important investment shouldn’t be rushed or hasty by any means, so take advantage of the 100-day return policy at Clean Origin if you don’t love your ring. Make sure you’ll be proud of your choice for decades to come.

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