4 Style Tips for Making the Groom Stand Out

Spoiler alert: He doesn't have to match his groomsmen.

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It's easy to discern the bride from her maids (hint: she's usually the one in white), but often the groom's attire matches the uniformed look of his groomsmen. We're here to tell you that matching and coordinating are two very different things, and the latter can help your groom stand out from the sea of jackets and ties. Depending on how fashionable the groom is, there are lots of ways to successfully pull off a coordinated look. The experts at Friar Tux have weighed in with a few of their favorite tips:

Color Coded

If you really want the groom to stand out, choose a different color coat or pants. Make sure it's in the same style as the groomsmen's and the color is within the wedding's palette. In this case, it's often ideal to stay in the same color family and choose the same patterned neckwear for all the men.

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Pattern Play

Again, you'll want to stay in the same color family, but consider switching up the pattern of the shirts. Maybe the groom goes gingham and his men stay solid. The same can be done with ties, and, if he's feeling adventurous, the suit itself (just keep the pattern subtle here).

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Coat Check

He can make a statement and match the bride by wearing a different coat than his groomsmen.  A white or ivory coat means both the bride and groom are wearing the most iconic wedding color, while something more subtle, like a velvet coat, is a sophisticated way of elevating the groom’s look.

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Accessory Exchange

The most understated way of differentiating the groom is by switching up his neckwear or accessories.  Maybe he adds a vest or a tie that matches the bride, while the groomsmen wear ties to match the bridesmaids. The boutonniere is another subtle way to help him stand out. Choose a larger or more colorful flower, while the groomsmen wear accent blooms or forgo them all together.

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However you choose to dress your men, we recommend finding a store that will let the groom try on looks early in the decision making process. That will leave some time to think about exactly how he wants to stand out on his big day, because, most importantly, he should feel just as comfortable as he does dashing.

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