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Changing With The Times

A note from the Editor In Chief, Lara Burnap

As I write this note, I’m sitting at home amid this new reality of social distancing. For myself, this means balancing my two energetic girls who are now “attending” school virtually with trying to concentrate on my work.

Needless to say, focusing has been a challenge as I’ve spent hours on calls and text exchanges with the members of our wedding community who are reeling from the cancellations of social gatherings. I am filled with hope that as this magazine arrives on newsstands, we will be out of isolation and back to the places, people and jobs that we all love.

So now more than ever, I am honored to share our list of the top wedding vendors, the Best of 2020. These small businesses have been founded by creative and tenacious souls who energetically and lovingly make dreams a reality: caterers, bakers, bridal designers, florists, wedding planners, venue owners, rental and lighting companies, photographers, and countless others. The owners of these companies hold such a bright spot in our world as they have built careers on bringing beauty, happiness and love to life on your wedding day.

If you are one of the couples who are putting their weddings on hold or rescheduling, you can still dream, plan and gather inspiration from others. The Fall/Winter 2020 issue is filled with so many chic and innovative concepts, such as creative invitations, bright new design trends, the latest and most beautiful bridal gowns, and delicious ideas for catering at receptions.

Hold tight to your loved ones and continue to dream together, because just like in the fairy tale, that someday your wedding day will come.

~ Lara Burnap, Editor In Chief of California Wedding Day

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