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Coastal Chic Wedding Alongside Seaside Santa Barbara

Sarah & Kelly took their love for each other and the ocean to create a picture perfect, coastal chic event.
Lara Burnap

In the presence of their closest family and friends‭, ‬Sarah O’Connor and Kelly Zaun were married at Klentner Ranch in seaside Santa Barbara under a tent of twinkle lights‭. ‬Because the two love the ocean—Kelly is an avid surfer—a coastal chic vibe was called for on their special day‭. ‬With sweeping views of the Pacific‭, ‬oysters at cocktail hour‭, ‬a surfboard guest book‭, ‬and Swell Press’‭ ‬escort display consisting of a fleet of surfboards‭, ‬the couple’s coastal California vision came to life‭. ‬Layered Vintage created flowers as vibrant as Sarah’s and Kelly’s personalities‭, ‬while Wild Heart Events designed a spectacular space‭, ‬full of color‭, ‬texture and just the right amount of boho‭ ‬chic‭. ‬The food did not disappoint‭, ‬with stations serving risotto out of giant Parmigiano-Reggiano wheels‭, ‬chefs slicing tri-tip‭ ‬steak and salmon‭, ‬and delectable greens offered at a local farmers market salad station‭. ‬The couple wanted their guests to hit the dance floor‭, ‬so the ceremony florals were repurposed to highlight the band‭, ‬and a‭ ‬“spicy”‭ ‬dance floor‭ (‬its color is literally called‭ ‬“Hot Spice”‭) ‬was created for everyone to enjoy the night under a sea of floating lanterns‭. ‬

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