Cozy Autumnal Shoot Perfect for Intimate Outdoor Wedding Inspo

Styled Shoot
By placing a focus on storytelling and adventure, this styled shoot captured the folksy, rustic atmosphere so many look forward to in a fall wedding.
Written by
Hailey Ashton

Inspired by the cozy feeling of sitting around a campfire telling stories to loved ones, this shoot brought to life a comfy, rustic space to celebrate love surrounded by friends and family that encorporates all the elements of a perfect fall wedding. Visionary Emily Coyne had the idea of an adventurous couple who wanted to share a piece of their travels with their guests in the back of her mind when designing this shoot, using elements of a homey farm with touches of Nordic elegance. To illustrate this concept, the shoot used a wide variety of textures, such as handwoven fabrics, baskets, tarnished brass, and leather to represent a large collection of eclectic goods. The mismatched yet still cohesive decor exhibited the autumnal charm through it's warm color palette, as hues of taupe, oatmeal, india ink, raw sienna, toasted pumpkin, coffee, and dust were used. The florals by This Humble Abode encorporated the idea of striking textures and neutral tones to elevate the rustic feel. Although the atmosphere was relaxed, the shoot didn't shy away from luxury, as Coyne still wanted the imaginary guests to be pampered with artful cuisine, cushy furniture, and beautiful natural surroundings. Since the shoot was designed with an intimate ceremony in mind, Coyne opted to create cozy vignettes with for the guests to relax and socialize after dinner. Even the autumnal weather was taken into account, as the ceremony seats were lined with blankets wrapped in leather in case of a chilly breeze. The natural landscape of this backyard wedding was also beautifully displayed in the photos from Larissa Cleveland, and perfectly highlights all the rustic charm that is brought to life in this shoot. This unqiue shoot shows how couples can embrace the folksy atmosphere of autumn by creating a peaceful space perfect for taking in nature, stargazing, lively conversation, and spreading love. 

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Wine Country, CA


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