SPOTLIGHT: The Top Wedding Trends To Expect in 2023

Here's what popular wedding trends we predict we'll be seeing this year!
Written by
Laura Cross

Weddings are about celebrating unity and creating unforgettable moments. And while this day should be about the two of you and channeling your personalities so that the day is highly personal and perfectly you, what is "of the moment" will always play a role in the day. 2023 is in full swing and we're loving what we're seeing so far! From fashion and florals to food and photography, read on to see what trends industry experts predict will take off this year!

Experiential Destination Weddings are here to stay.  Clients are opting to go smaller so they can have a more experiential wedding for their closest family and friends.  One of our clients from Philadelphia celebrated in Aruba. They had a coconut man and spent a whole wedding week with everyone.  They welcomed their guests with a rehearsal dinner and drinks,  went on excursions together as a group, and hung out with some flamingos.  You get to bond and truly feel all the love from family and friends you haven't seen in years.  ~ Dee Lee, Dee Lee Designs

The biggest trends will be fashion and color! I’m thinking vivid Pinks and Lavender with sprinkles of tangerine. White, gold and green will take a backseat. ~ Chris Evans, Chris J Evans Photography

Increased personalization is going to be a trend in 2023.  Thanks to social media, and particularly video on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook - there is so much wedding content that what is standard and traditional begins to look and sound generic.  Creating wedding experiences that truly express the personalities and story of the couple—whether that’s through the decor, the flower arrangements, the music, or (in our case) very personalized vows, speeches, and ceremonies, become that much more important.  ~ Brian Franklin, Vows & Speeches

Couples are looking to embrace the region in which they’re celebrating their venue. Our location on Mandalay Beach provides a beautiful natural backdrop with sweeping ocean views. Our executive chef has really honed in on the bountiful agriculture that Oxnard is known for, which has led to menus featuring locally sourced ingredients that our couples really enjoy. Along those lines, Oxnard has a rich Hispanic culture which can also be seen in our menus and even receptions. For example signature cocktails like watermelon margaritas and Santa Maria style cookout welcome receptions are popular with our couples. ~ Tiffany Emch, Zachari Dunes on Mandalay Beach

According to Brett Munoz, owner of Brett Munoz Photo & Video, intimate weddings - specifically those on private estates - will continue to trend. These smaller weddings (typically with fewer than 50 guests) are usually easier to plan, offer more flexibility when it comes to selecting their venue. They also allow the couple to splurge on things that really matter to them, creating a unique experience for guests. 

Couples will always need the requisite, poised potraits but photographers are now are also mixing in authentic, unposed shots that capture the moment and leave a lasting impression. "Expect to see imperfectly perfect moments of blur and flash sprinkled in with curated wedding photos." ~ Kate Noelle, Kate Noelle Photography

Some of our Clients are looking for modern floral design this year and it the combination of white and black flowers that has become very popular, with some couples even electing to go with mostly black with only about 30% of white, offering an unusual look but still elegant, chic and stylish. ~ Kate Bizimova, Kate Flowers LA

More couple outfit changes! The bride has been changing from ceremony dresses to reception dresses for a while now, but we believe this trend is going to be going even bigger than that. Brides are changing into short party dresses, jumpsuits, or even tuxedos themselves to party the night away. Grooms are showing their own outfit changes by doing coat swaps – wearing one timeless look for the ceremony and then switching into a different party coat for the reception. A party coat is any style that brings a little flare: velvets, colors, patterns, or textures are just some small ways to make a big style entrance.  ~ Chelsea Oler, Friar Tux

If I can sum up this year's trend in bridal beauty in three words, it would be “less is more!” The brides this year are going to want to have that classic natural look that they will love to see in their pictures for the next 50+ years and still love. They will never question…why did I do that?  Because it will be soft and natural.  So let's break it down to what we will expect to see this year:

- "REAL" FLAWLESS SKIN: Brides are going to take great care of their skin way before the big day to help achieve that makeup, no makeup look.  As a Bridal Makeup Artist, my main goal is to perfect the skin. If the skin is flawless then everything else will fall into place.  Make no mistake, if you have the right makeup artist this will look effortless, but your artist will be working even harder to achieve this look for you. This doesn’t mean less makeup, but more about the product your artist selected, the technique used, and how it is worked into your skin.

- EYES this season they will be soft and dreamy! Neutral browns, bronzes, golds, coppers, and rose golds will be all the rage. Brides will be leaving the lash extensions behind. They will be smaller and more natural this year, but certainly not forgotten. Lashes are a must! Eyeliner will be softer, to complement the bride's natural eye shape.

- BROWS will be filled in and brushed up. Again, soft and natural.

- CONTOUR will be the biggest change this year! There will be some contour to add depth and dimension, but we will not see the social media “shapeshift” contour look that changes the structure of the face. Brides, remember that your groom loves you for you! Not a different version of yourself!

- BLUSH is a must! There is nothing better than a beautiful peach blush to make your cheeks pop! I do not see the first look with the fiancé, dads, or even the wedding party going away any time soon, so you need to make sure you have enough blush and lips on for the camera.  The camera usually loses about 30% of your makeup so your blush is important.

- HIGHLIGHTER is here to stay! Phew! Who doesn’t love that pop of highlighter on top of the cheek and under the brow to give you that glow and youthful look?

- LIPS: Last, but certainly not least the lips! This season we are going to see a soft bronze, or peach nude, lip with a layer of gloss. Gloss is going to be big this year.

~ Tami Bernard, Tami Bernard Makeup Artist

One of my favorite trends is that couples are adding in a “dancing course” to their reception dinner.  After the salad course, friends and family are encouraged to get on the dance floor for a quick dance before continuing on to the entrée.  This helps to keep the celebration going and the energy up for a really fun occasion. ~ Brett Fox, Resort at Squaw Creek

While the last decade has been dominated by intricate fondant-decorated cakes, many couples chose to opt for simple buttercream finished cakes with a few fresh flowers from their florist. Now, we are seeing intricate buttercream cakes! The best of both worlds, we think. But this isn't a new trend as it started in the 1800's with intricate royal wedding cakes, and became very popular in the 1930's when Joseph Lambeth published a book on the piping techniques. We've had a few requests in 2022, and are seeing many more for 2023. Couples either want to recreate their parent's wedding cake, complete with plastic column risers, or they ask for a cake like Elvis' or one featured in The Godfather. Some brides send us a whole inspiration board of Lambeth style cakes. The Lambeth technique features intricate buttercream piping and over-piping to create swags, swirls, and ornate designs. The best part is that the cake itself shines, with buttercream on the exterior. As an artist, this old style is a new skill, and I welcome the fun and challenge that each confection presents! ~ Kimberly Bailey, The Butter End Cakery

No more shadow boxes! Specializing in the latest trend for your flowers, Ever After Bouquet professionally transforms your blooms into modern art and timeless keepsakes that may be cherished and passed down for generations. 
We also offer items for your big day such as table numbers and champagne flutes; original concepts created at our studio that will surely turn heads on your special day. ~ Crystal, Ever After Bouquet

2023 is going to be about old-school luxury. Hosts are craving experiences for their guests and showcase moments. Requests for unique beverage experiences, classic bar carts, large format champagne, specifically champagne towers, and we are happy to oblige these requests. Whether for cocktail hour or as a vignette for a toast it’s certain to wow guests as well as give the bride and groom that ideal “photo moment”. Redbird | Vibiana wine director Matt Fosket is a lover of and expert in all things sparkling. The combination of the family traditions, the historical relevance, and the excitement over the new generation of vintners right now, makes champagne the most exciting wine region in the world. ~ Amy Knoll Fraser, Redbird | Vibiana