Dapper Grooms are Loving These Wedding Day Glam Sessions

A groom gets a taste of wedding day pampering from the team at BreLuxe Beauty.
BreLuxe Beauty is bringing self care and finishing touches to groomsmen across California.
Written by
Ericka Franklin


Spring/Summer 2020

After sending thousands of flawless brides down the aisle to be met at the altar by less than professionally groomed men, Tara Bre of BreLuxe Beauty decided to right that wrong and dreamed up the Wedding Dapper Bar, the first grooming bar of its kind. Bre and her team of artists bring their beauty bags to the wedding and give the groom and his mates a glam session. “Most guys will start off saying they do not need us,” Bre said. “Yet, by the time we get the second guy in our chairs, the men all want us to pamper them.” Services start at $85 and customized experiences begin at $500, and include a spa-like experience with hair styling, facial grooming and barbering. In addition to applying light makeup to conceal blemishes for day-of photo shoots, the Dapper Bar also provides wardrobe touches. Regarding the transformation, Bre notes, “It really is fun to watch. At the end, they all love us, as they feel more confident.” Similar services are also available for wedding guests with BreLuxe’s one-of-a-kind Wedding Beauty Pop-up Bar, which the team will set up either at the wedding venue or at a hotel. There, stylists will prep guests with a variety of services, from makeup touch-ups to hair styling.