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Ask the Experts: Classic Glamour Weddings with Percy Sales Events


No bride wants to be one in one hundred on her wedding day. You want to be the ONE and to share a day with your family and friends that you will all remember. So, how do you stay special without sacrificing your favorite trendy elements? We sat down with Percy Sales Events and asked them some questions about how to find the perfect balance between including your favorite trends while still having your wedding represent who you are.

What's the next trend/creative concept?

I personally think the next trend/creative concept will be back to the classic glamor of weddings. I am also seeing a lot more of a throwback to the late 60s and early 70s as far as decor and inspiration. I think people are going to go out of their comfort zones and start creating weddings that reflect themselves as couples rather than trying to duplicate weddings and themes they see on the web.

How do you make a trend unique to each couple?

I don't think making a trend unique for the couple is smart. My personal take is that each couple makes a trend unique because ultimately a wedding should reflect the personalities of the couple itself rather than trying to make a trend fit the couple. Surely there are elements or trends that people love, but tying those trends with something meaningful for the couple makes it even more special.

What advice do you give brides who are determined to follow a trend? (For example, how do you incorporate DIY elements but still keep them glamorous?)

My advice to brides when they first bring in a trend to the table is to ask themselves one simple question, "IS THIS WHO YOU ARE?" This opens up a lot of dialogue regarding their wedding and opens it up to possibilities. Most of the time there are elements that they like - not necessarily the overall look. I get a lot of "I love how this picture looks" or "I really like that flower but not really into the table setting or venue look." So I appreciate when my couples come in with an idea, but are able to be open minded about making their wedding reflect them as a couple. I love that brides or family and friends like to contribute DIY's to their wedding - but having a cohesive look and feel is also important so I generally advise on the color, feel and look of the DIY projects so that they are incorporated seamlessly.


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