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Fantasy Came to Life in this Video Game-Inspired Wedding

Kiely and Panic created an Eternal Bond in the Final Fantasy universe … and in real life.
Kristin Snyder
Photo by Isaiah & Taylor

Kiely and Panic met through the video game, Final Fantasy XIV so when it came time to plan their wedding, the couple wanted to incorporate their shared love of the game throughout their wedding. The Carondelet House’s brick walls and industrial windows set a vintage backdrop to the quirky touches that gave nod to their personalities, including purple and red personalized cakes inspired by the game and stuffed animal creatures from the role-playing universe. Exchanging vows underneath dramatic hanging flowers and elegant chandeliers, Kiely and Panic each wore outfits based on those word by their characters when they married within the Final Fantasy universe. Keily’s dress, a high-collared lace gown with flared sleeves, paired beautifully with Panic’s maroon tuxedo.  

Eiko, their Toy Australian Shepherd named after a Final Fantasy character, was also in attendance wearing a floral wreath, perfectly blending their chic decor with their love for the game. Online and real-life friends came together with the couple’s families to enjoy the crescent moon photobooth, which featured fluffy clouds and luscious greenery. Though Keily and Panic were unplugged for the night, their delight in both the game and each other was striking. 

Photo by Isaiah & Taylor

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