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5 Wedding Bouquets We Love

Megan McCarty Lara Burnap

Finding the perfect inspiration for your bouquet isn’t always as simple as a walk in the garden. The options seem endless: hand-tied, cascading, mix or match bridesmaids’ bouquets, traditional, bohemian, classic white roses, bundles of peonies, rustic sunflowers...oh my! To help narrow down the decision, choose your wedding dress first, advises celebrity flower guru Preston Bailey. “I have one simple rule: If the bride is wearing an understated dress, you can allow for a more elaborate bouquet. The opposite also rings true. The more lavish the dress, the simpler the bouquet.” Spend time browsing Instagram and Pinterest boards of florists in your area to get an idea of bouquet styles and vendors that complement your vision. Just don’t be afraid to think about what matters most, whether it’s your favorite flower, a captivating scent or a completely unique floral creation to carry down the aisle. Get inspiration for your bouquet from these five floral creations.

5 wedding bouquets we love

1. Scent of a Wedding: Inspired by a bride who adores the scent of lily of the valley, Kellye Kodak Clifford of Precious and Blooming in Santa Barbara combined the delicate blooms of freesia, sweet peas and lily of the valley to create a romantic and aromatic bouquet. Photo Credit: Deanna Graham Photography

5 wedding bouquets we love

3. The Golden Girl: Krista Jon for Archive added glamour by gilding ferns and succulents with gold to add a bold texture in combination with romantic soft blooms of peonies, ranunculus and cobra lilies. Photo Credit: Jasmine Star Photography

5 wedding bouquets we love

3. Flower Free: Palm Springs–based Artisan Event Floral Decor created this desert-inspired bouquet filled with poppy pods, blue thistle, air plants, zebra aloe, eucalyptus and rustic puffs of cotton plant. Photo Credit: Stephanie Williams Photography

Statement Piece: For a beachfront wedding, Little Hill Floral Designs combined sunny shades of pink, yellow and orange ranunculus and peonies mixed with sprigs of lavender and softly hued succulents. Photo  Credit: Chard Photography

5 wedding bouquets we love

5. Power of One: The floral artists at Los Angeles’ The Velvet Garden created this single, stunning “Glamelia” bloom by stitching together 500 individual rose petals to make one 10–inch-diameter bouquet that perfectly matched the blush ribbons in the bride’s wedding dress

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