Green, Earthy-Inspired Wedding Day at Hudson Loft in Culver City

Real Wedding
Alexandria and Brent fused their styles to create a chic celebration featuring a palette of greens and oranges.
Written by
Sara Hubbard


Spring/Summer 2023

Alexandria Turner and Brent Butler have known each other since they were 13‭ ‬years old‭. ‬They grew up in the same neighborhood and‭ ‬were best friends by the end of high school‭, ‬but it wasn’t until their junior year of college that they started dating‭. ‬A few years later‭, ‬the best friends became husband and wife‭, ‬tying the knot in stylish fashion at Hudson Loft in Culver City‭. ‬While searching for the right look for their wedding‭, ‬Alexandria and Brent found a way to fuse their two different styles‭. ‬Alexandria is drawn to pops of color and drama‭, ‬while Brent prefers muted shades and minimalism‭. ‬So‭, ‬what did this fusion look like‭? ‬A chic and streamlined design accented by muted oranges and green‭. ‬Though their aesthetic preferences may differ‭, ‬Alexandria and Brent agreed wholeheartedly on one thing‭: ‬to work with as many Black and female wedding vendors as possible‭. ‬The couple took care to pay attention to the details‭, ‬which highlighted the importance of their family and friends as well as their readiness to party‭. ‬Chairs for the ceremony were arranged in a circular fashion to create a sense of togetherness‭, ‬and lottery tickets were placed at every dining seat in envelopes reading‭ ‬“For richer or for poorer‭ (‬hopefully richer‭).‬”‭ ‬They also provided foosball‭, ‬air hockey and a 360-degree photo booth during cocktail hour‭. ‬Alexandria’s and Brent’s sartorial prowess shone as they stood in front of their loved ones‭. ‬Brent wore an asymmetrical sage green‭, ‬mandarin-collared sports coat with khaki pants that included a matching sage green stripe down the side of each leg‭; ‬Alexandria was the picture of‭ ‬grace in a V-neck sleeveless gown with a low scoop back‭. ‬To close the ceremony‭, ‬the couple jumped the broom and made their way to the reception‭, ‬where they had their first dance to‭ ‬“Superpower”‭ ‬by Beyoncé and Frank Ocean‭. ‬As everyone enjoyed the party‭, ‬guests took a moment to leave voice messages on a red telephone‭, ‬which had been set up in lieu of a guest book‭. ‬Now‭, ‬Alexandria and Brent can always remember their wedding by listening to the recorded voices of their friends and family‭.‬


City State:

Culver City, CA


Southern CA





Planning and design
Bridal gown
Bridal shoes
Bridesmaids’ Dresses
DJ and Master of Ceremonies
Groom's attire
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