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Fountain Of Youth

Megan McCarty Lara Burnap

Beverly Hills aesthetician Gina Marí takes the guesswork out of pre-wedding skin care with her customized facials. Known for helping high-profile clients achieve flawless, natural beauty with no need for makeup or invasive cosmetic procedures, Marí creates custom regimes based on individual clients’ skin concerns. Last fall, the 11-year skin care veteran moved into a new location, allowing her to expand her staff and add three treatment rooms, plus an exclusive LED therapy room.

For brides in search of the radiant red-carpet glow, Marí recommends starting a year before the wedding. “This is the perfect opportunity to get aggressive with all your skin care needs that have been put on the backburner,” says Marí in reference to issues such as acne, scarring, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. “And don’t forget about your body,” she warns. “This is the time to correct any brown and red spots, raised bumps and cellulite as well as overall skin tone and texture.”

Marí ups the ante a month before the wedding with a light facial peel and an important piece of advice: Stay out of the sun. “After all the amazing work you’ve been doing, you want to avoid damaging your fresh new look,” advises Marí. “Drink a lot of water and cut back on caffeine so you won’t have puffy eyes or face on the big day.” And the week before, it’s all about pampering, a little microdermabrasion, a final LED infusion and last-minute extractions before plumping up the skin with a vitamin-loaded oxygen facial the day before the big day. “We call this one a ‘pretty appointment,’” says Marí. “We use vitamins combined with collagen, a little steam and blast with oxygen.” The results leave brides fresh-faced and ready to say I do. Treatments begin at $250.

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