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Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day and Avoid Common Beauty Pitfalls

For most brides, the wedding is a fairy tale day and they want everything to be perfect, especially themselves. Ensuring an impeccable, radiant look all day during the big day and throughout the honeymoon, is not an easy task and can require a lot of time, pre-planning and repeated touch ups for the average girl​.​ Unfortunately, there are many factors that can​ ruin​ a bride's beauty, one that often takes at least an hour to create and 15+ products to achieve…it can be extremely stressful to worry about fixing smudges after the first kiss, fighting sweat in warm, humid weather and avoiding the tears of happiness running your eyes and streaking your face on your most important day!

Fortunately, there is a great way to eliminate this added stress and assure the bride looks perfect throughout the ceremony, pictures, reception and honeymoon - Micro Colour Infusion. This in–demand service has bride's flocking to industry leading experts like Dominique Bossavy to guarantee the bride can fully enjoy flawless and worry free beauty. This luxurious solution naturally enhances brows, eyes and lips with semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing.

The result is a radiant, refreshed look that lasts long after the wedding is over. A perfectly shaped brow, a brighter eye, a rosier, more kissable lip..all of these can be achieved in as little as 45 minutes, with NO redness, NO pain, NO bleeding and virtually no recovery! It is also a great gift idea to share with the wedding party and Mother-of-the-Bride.

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