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If the Shoe Fits: The Stylists at Kinsley James Bridal Share Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair of Wedding Day Heels

Lainey Dow

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world," once said Marilyn Monroe-  but what about on her wedding day? Picking the perfect shoe can be tough. With so many styles, colors, patterns and more, how are you ever supposed to find "the ones?" Amber and Dawn of Kinsley James Bridal in the Bay Area are breaking down everything you need to know about buying shoes for your big day. As experienced wedding coordinators themselves, this duo knows everything there is to know about the big day.

From Amber and Dawn of Kinsley James Couture Bridal:

1. Consider the location when buying the shoe. If your wedding is on grass, get a block heel so you won't sink. Save the stilettos for harder and flat surfaces. If block heels aren't your thing, you can invest in a pair of Solemates that fit onto the end of your heers and protect you from sinking. Beach weddings call for a gorgeous, luxe pair of flip flops of sandals. Heels wouldn't just be impractical, but also a little ridiculous.

2. Go for comfort. Make sure you're focusing on your big day and not foot pain! If super high heels aren't your thing- stay away from those sky-high stilettos and opt for something that'll last throughout the night. You can also buy shoe padding to ensure your feet don't start hurting halfway through the wedding. (But if you do, make sure you try on your shoes with the padding- you'll need a little room to spare. You'll thank us later!)

3. Buy a shoe you can wear again! Always dreamt of those red botoms? Put the money toward a designer heel with a classic style that you can wear again for years to come! You'll stay stylish during your wedding and be able to wear them more than one time!

4. Don't be afraid to be unique. Adding a pop of color or some sparkle on your shoes can be a fun touch for some added excitement, and it's always wonderful to see a flash of color or sparkle under the dress!

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