A New Way to Personalize Your Wedding Cake

The bride and groom's initials are revealed when this wedding cake is cut open.
Autumn Cake Design and Le Festin Events have a clever idea for adding a special touch to a sweet treat.
Written by
Mackenzie Sylvester


Spring/Summer 2020

Heather and Brandon Spreafico knew they wanted to include a traditional cake-cutting moment at their reception at Spreafico Farms in San Luis Obispo, but they wanted it make it just a little different. Korinna Petersen at Le Festin Events suggested doing a “peekaboo” cake to give the guests a visually stunning surprise. Autumn Cake Design brought the idea to life by baking the couple’s initials into a dusty-blue-frosted cake, adorned in assorted seasonal blooms by Lori Boe Floral Design.

Anxious to see the result for the first time, the newlyweds sliced into their wedding cake and were overjoyed at the sentimental touch. “It was amazing to see what it actually looked like since we had never seen it before in person. We are so happy that Korinna thought of this unique idea and couldn’t be happier with Autumn for bringing this vision to life,” Brandon says.