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The Prettiest Blue Wedding at Montage Laguna Beach

Yvonne and Bijan uniting was a merging of two cultures.
Ericka Franklin
Yvonne and Bijan at Montage Laguna Beach

Wedding Date: June 9, 2019

Within approximately two minutes, destiny unfurled as Bijan Abdi walked into the local gym for a workout and Yvonne Tait (who was there to support her friend’s business) approached him about her company and nutrition advice. Bijan took Yvonne up on the offer and from there a friendship began to blossom. After a few years of companionship, they sealed their attraction by sharing their first kiss at The Montage in Laguna Beach, where they would eventually marry. The pair decided on a blue-themed wedding, featured in signage, handmade escort cards with monogram wax seals and the bridal party ensembles. Their location also contributed to the blue palette with a perfect view of clear skies and the Pacific Ocean. Uniting as husband and wife also meant merging their two cultures. Not only did the two incorporate Bijan’s Persian tradition of feeding each other honey to symbolize a lifetime of sweetness and sustenance, they also hired DJ Krieger to seamlessly mix Persian, Spanish and American music in hopes of keeping guests on their feet throughout the reception. Naturally, their plan worked. And while the bride’s ceremonial gown normally receives the bulk of fanfare, Bijan decided to match the glamour of Yvonne’s Panache dress by creating a custom suit featuring photographs of the couple printed on the lining of his jacket.

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