Recipe for Beauty

Fresh ingredients are the secret to beautiful wedding-day skin
Written by
Lara M. Burnap

1. Organic pomegranate seed oil, distilled lemon myrtle and cold-pressed mandarin oil combine forces in Lavido’s Replenishing Facial Serum to boost skin’s firmness and elasticity while keeping it hydrated. $59, online at

2. Slough off any wedding-day nerves with The Little Market’s All-Natural Lavender Sugar Scrub. Bliss out to the relaxing scent of lavender while knowing that each purchase empowers young, at-risk mothers at Bright Endeavors. $24, at The Little Market in Pacific Palisades and online at

3. Located in Marin County in Northern California, McEvoy Ranch has created the Ode Natural Beauty Collection, which is infused with the estate’s certified, organic extra virgin olive oil and nutrient-rich botanicals. The Citrus Oro olive oil body balm has a sparkling citrus scent with woodsy tones, making for an exhilarating mood lifter. The balm’s olive and jojoba oils are easily absorbed into the skin to nourish and protect. $20, online at

4. Kiwi and aloe extracts in Arcona’s Kiwi Cream Bar infuse dehydrated and depleted skin with moisture while minimizing pores, so you can be ready for your close-up. Vanilla fruit oil helps soothe and restore, resulting in clean, balanced and beautiful skin. $42, at The Arcona Studio in Santa Monica and online at

5. Exfoliate and brighten your skin with Elina Organics’ Aronia Berry Mask. Proven to build collagen, this beautifying concoction is created using the purple aronia berry, which absorbs little to no heavy metals or pesticides from soil and water, which means you can rest easy knowing this potion is as natural as it gets. Use as a mask by applying to a clean face and leaving it on for 10 minutes, or for the ultimate glow, use it as a night cream. $80, online at

6. Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream contains rosewater to help soothe, and rose flower oil to nourish. Plus, through time-release technology, this lightweight formula seals in moisture for the entire day, ensuring that you look and feel your best. $42, at Sephora (multiple locations) and online at