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Special Moments Last a Lifetime with Unique, Timeless Designs from Dune Jewelry

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Commemorate life's most special moments with a bespoke piece of jewelry that is custom-made with sand or natural elements of your choosing.
Caitlin Crees

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Who wouldn't want to receive a gift that was custom made? How about a gift with sentimental value that will last a lifetime? Whether you're a bride searching for the perfect gift for her wedding party, a spouse looking to wow your significant other on your anniversary or a couple choosing a unique favor for their guests, there's a special Dune Jewelry piece to commemorate any occasion. Dune's entire collection of Experiential Jewelry® is handmade and infused with sand or natural materials to represent a specific time and place that is totally unique to the wearer.  The most treasured gifts tend to be those that remind the recipient of a moment in time or a special place, and Dune Jewelry does just that.

(Left: wedding party featuring Inlet Cuff, Right: bride featuring Sandbar Necklace)

How It Works

Your custom-made Dune Jewelry selection will contain sand or natural elements of your choosing. How does this work? Maybe you saved some of the blooms from your wedding bouquet or collected leaves from the hike when you got engaged. Maybe you saved some sand from the beautiful beach where you honeymooned. Dune can transform these elements into a tangible representation of that special moment. If this is the case, just send the elements in and Dune will do the rest. Don't have the materials you wish to use to create your jewelry or gift? Dune can help! As the Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company®, their site features a Sandbank® that allows you to select sand or elements from anywhere in the world to include in your custom piece! One glance at the Sandbank® shows just how unique each piece is, as every single element (over 3,500 of them, by the way) has a different color and appearance.

Limitless Possibilities

While there are plenty of traditional jewelry options available, like a classic pendant, ring or bangle, Dune also features creative gifts for him, and pieces that make a perfect wedding favor, house warming gift, and more! Dune Jewelry is Handmade with Love & Sandy Hands in the USA® making each and every piece completely unique, but you can customize even further by personalizing your jewelry or gift with a special engraving. Take a look through their collections for unique gift ideas if you're shopping for that special someone who is notoriously difficult to buy for. Cuff links, a wine stopper or even a custom golf ball marker, Dune does it all with pristine quality.

(Traveler Bracelet)

Lifetime Guarantee

When a gift or piece of jewelry holds sentimental value, it is important to ensure its quality and longevity. For this reason, Dune Jewelry not only creates their custom pieces to the highest standards of quality, but they also ensure their timelessness with a lifetime guarantee. Even jewelry of the highest quality can be subject to unavoidable accidents that lead to damage. You can rest assured that if anything happens to that irreplaceable piece, your memories are in good hands.

Coastal Preservation

With an eye to the future, Dune Jewelry is dedicated to preserving the coastal communities and beaches that are treasured by so many around the world. With a mission to making the world a better place for all, Dune has partnered with multiple organizations, each with a unique focus on charity and preservation. Each year Dune donates a portion of their proceeds to help these various groups achieve their goals, allowing you to give a gift that gives back.

If you're on the hunt for an incredibly unique and personalized way to hold on to a special moment, Dune Jewelry might just be the company you've been searching for. If you aren't able to visit one of the over 800 retailers that carry Dune collections, check them out online to spark your imagination with their incredible handmade and personalized gift options. Wow family, friends or wedding guests with a custom-made and lifetime guaranteed piece that will allow the wearer to treasure a place or experience forever. As Dune Jewelry states, "live for the moment, then take it with you."

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