A Vibrant & Unique Celebration On A Santa Barbara Beach

Real Wedding
Charlie & Brionne celebrated hope and love in a ceremony filled with a number of sacred rituals tailored just for them.
Written by
Lara Allen


California Wedding Day Fall/Winter 2022

On a beautiful beach in Santa Barbara, Charles Wedel and Brionne Davis were united in marriage. As they honored both their astrological signs and their shared spiritual values, the couple were wed barefoot on the sand. As the sun set, 85 people joined to encircle the couple as the two exchanged vows and merged their last names to create the new surname Davel. Their ceremony was unique in that every guest had a ribbon attached to their chair, and during the ceremony, members of the audience tied their ribbons together. The bridal party then collected the ribbons to bind Charlie’s and Brionne’s wrists together. The song “Illumination” by Secret Garden was performed on violin by their cousin Theresa Sonnleitner. A number of sacred rituals paid homage to freedom fighters, philosophers, religion and magic, creating a vibrant celebration of hope and love. The festivities included Charlie and Brionne’s first dance to Florence and the Machine’s cover of “Stand by Me,” a much anticipated dance as the Davels had first heard the song together while on vacation. As the last song played, a mash-up of Dionne Warwick’s “That’s What Friends Are For” and Katy Perry’s “Firework,” everyone joined hands in an emotional close to a beautiful day.



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Santa Barbara, CA


Santa Barbara,CA





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