Yours Truly: Love Letters Add A Sentimental Touch To Your Wedding Day

Written by
Lara M. Burnap

Designer, florist and event planner Tyler Speier of Tyler Speier Events in Santa Barbara has a passion for inserting creative touches of calligraphy at his weddings. “I love having a calligrapher on hand the day of the event,” says Speier. “Just in case I am struck with inspiration and suddenly see something that needs a flourish.” Speier teamed up with Paper & Cloth to share four unique ways to incorporate calligraphy into your wedding day.

 (Above) Set up a “love notes” station at your reception. Have a calligrapher write up anything a guest composes, from a poem to a heartfelt letter. The note becomes both a keepsake and a party favor—or it can serve as a guest book for the bride and groom.

Christine Taylor

Have your vows penned in a beautiful keepsake booklet so you can remember those words for the years to come.  

Michael + Anna Costa Photography

Connect the calligrapher with your florist so they can create a name card for each of the floral varieties in your bouquet. Next, ask your photographer to take photos of the name cards with each flower to create a pictorial “recipe” of the blooms from your wedding.

Christine Taylor

An oversized scroll featuring your vows or ceremony reading creates a romantic focal point. Place it at the entrance to your aisle, or use it as a backdrop for the ceremony, photo opportunities or the sweetheart table.