Aubri and Matt's Oceanside Engagement Photo shoot

 Erin Marton Photography
The couple returned to their childhood stomping ground to celebrate their betrothal
Written by
Kristin Snyder

Childhood memories took center stage for Aubri and Matt’s engagement photo shoot. Having both spent their summers at Newport Beach, the couple created a quintessential beach aesthetic for their shoot with Erin Marton Photography. They started off casual as they bought frozen bananas at the Balboa Fun zone. The greepalm trees and bright amusement park colors popped against the blue sky – a perfect California day to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. After snacking and posing with a teal VW bus, they took the beachside bike route to Aubri’s family’s house. Music has always been integral to Aubri and Matt’s relationship, so they picked up Matt’s guitar and changed into more formal attire to sing together on the beach. Unexpectedly, a woman at the beach invited them to a bonfire she had set up, complete with a small teepee and cheeseboard. Aubri and Matt were able to spread their love throughout the coastline with this stunning photo shoot.  




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