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Bohemian-Chic Palm Springs Wedding

Morgan & Will brought their elevated boho-chic wedding to life at the Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa.
Teya Heidenreich

Morgan McCafferty and Will O’Rourke were wed in front of a sweeping Palm Springs landscape at JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort‭ & ‬Spa‭. ‬The couple‭, ‬who met on‭ ‬a blind date‭, ‬envisioned an elevated bohemian-chic design with desert hues‭. ‬This concept was brought to life through neutral florals in blush‭, ‬camel and white‭, ‬together with hanging décor and lighting‭; ‬disco balls mingled with pampas grass and woven-basket light fixtures‭. ‬The couple and their guests celebrated under string lights‭, ‬which mirrored the stars in the night sky above‭. ‬Morgan and Will’s dog‭, ‬Joanie‭, ‬was represented on beer koozies and had a cocktail named after her for the event‭. ‬At the end of the evening‭, ‬guests lined up to send the newlyweds off with bubbles and clear balloons strung with LED lights‭. ‬

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