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Bold & Beautiful Wedding at Cielo Farms

Michelle and Brett's memorable celebration was inspired by the couple's proposal.
Brittany Nguyen

Wedding Date: August 27, 2021
After a year of uncertainty, hardship and struggle, Michelle and Brett Vapnek wanted to create a magical evening that was bold, beautiful and unforgettable. To create this memorable event, Rob Pausmith of Très LA Group, together with Poppy Design Co., drew inspiration from Brett’s proposal, which was written on agate and read, “You are exactly where you are supposed to be.” The team embraced this mindset and created a design that would allow the guests to experience different moods throughout the night. The ceremony embodied romance with its palette of muted grays, purples and blues. A performing string quartet enhanced the romance. Michelle and Brett grew up practicing different religions, so they decided to blend their experiences into one event that celebrated them as both individuals and a couple. After the cocktail hour, guests moved to the next experience through a tunnel of wisteria, which was accentuated by an ombre floral display that began with the ceremony’s muted hues and led to the dramatic reception reveal: a feast of color filled with blue, purple, pink and green flowers. Under thousands of twinkle lights, guests dined at Tuscan-style tables, which featured intricate arrangements containing Michelle’s favorite dyed orchids. In a nod to Brett’s profession working in the cannabis industry, a Moroccan lounge was created for guests to kick back and enjoy the night. Jasmine Rae Cakes took Michelle’s love for lotus flowers and created a showstopper that tasted as beautiful as it looked. The couple were the last two people at their wedding and they ended the night in perfect fashion: dancing to their song, James Bay’s “Wild Love.”

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