Bright Al Fresco Wedding Day at Quail Ranch

Real Wedding
Anyssa and Mike's sunlight-drenched celebration in Simi Valley.
Written by
Sara Hubbard


California Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2023

Anyssa Clark and Mike Eden met on a blind date‭. ‬In the parking lot of a local coffee shop‭, ‬Anyssa watched as Mike got out of his‭ ‬car and‭, ‬once he fully emerged‭, ‬she couldn’t help but exclaim‭, ‬“Whoa‭, ‬you’re tall‭!‬”—and the rest is history‭. ‬Quail Ranch met all the criteria for their wedding venue‭, ‬with its beautifully landscaped front yard‭, ‬picturesque ceremony space and incredibly hospitable staff‭. ‬Anyssa originally adhered to the standard schedule for procuring her‭ ‬wedding dress‭. ‬A year out‭, ‬she was all set with what she thought was the perfect ensemble for her big day‭. ‬However‭, ‬a mere few months before the couple’s wedding date‭, ‬Instagram scrolling got the better of her‭. ‬She found her new perfect dress and couldn’t get it out of her mind‭. ‬As fate would have it‭, ‬that dress became available to ship from Australia—and in her size‭. ‬But in another twist‭, ‬her bridal salon had her try on a slightly different version of the dress‭, ‬and Anyssa found herself welling up‭. ‬“It was more perfect than anything I had ever seen‭, ‬and I knew it was my dress‭, ‬despite not being the one I had originally come to see‭,‬”‭ ‬says the bride‭. ‬“And it had pockets‭!‬”‭ ‬The new dress was rush ordered and arrived from Down Under with a few weeks to spare‭, ‬allowing Anyssa to be in her truly perfect gown when she and Mike exchanged‭ ‬“I dos”‭ ‬among friends and family in a sunlight-drenched celebration‭. ‬A simple palette of delicate pinks and whites‭, ‬accented with wood‭ ‬tones‭, ‬let the natural beauty of the venue shine through and set the scene for the couple’s love-filled afternoon‭.‬

City State:

Simi Valley, CA


Southern CA