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Family Fun and Fresh Florals Abound at Pepper Tree Ranch Ceremony

From playing Spikeball to playing with baby goats, a laid-back family atmosphere made for an unforgettable evening.
Ericka Franklin
Erica and Jesse laughing together at Pepper Tree Ranch.

With the intention of setting their marriage on a strong foundation, Jesse Forristal saw no sturdier place for the proposal than the home of Erica Cornell’s grandparents, who had been married for 58 years. So, it was no surprise that Erica and Jesse wanted their wedding to be a family-centered celebration. Pepper Tree Ranch, with its ample grounds—which include a tree house, pond, veranda and barn—was the perfect setting. Before the wedding, guests could be found lying on the lawn in their bathing suits as the sun beamed down, engaging in a competitive game of Spikeball or playing with baby goats. The couple decided to write their own vows, and that decision proved to be an unforgettable one. The bride remembers the humor and vulnerability being palpable as the reading of the vows summarized the couple’s eight years of love. So much so that there was nary a dry eye to be found. Nature’s elements infused even more romance into the day with the soft rhythmic patter of rain against a lawn tent. The couple let flowers take the lead in the design. From flower-petal cones created by Jesse’s mother—in lieu of throwing rice—to dried floral drink menus and lush statement blooms like peonies and garden roses, the venue could have rivaled a nursery. And the family affair continued into the next morning, when the newlyweds woke up to find guests in the kitchen reminiscing over the night as they ate leftover cake.

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