Garden-Inspired, Charming Nuptials at Redbird LA

Real Wedding
Iqra and Alex's wedding featured meaningful symbolism uniting them and a tequila-fueled after party.
Written by
Catherine Cortes


California Wedding Day Fall/Winter 2023

Love, laughter and a sprinkle of quirkiness marked Iqra Sheikh and Alex Resurreccion’s wedding, an intimate celebration infused with personal, humorous touches that created an unforgettable day. The couple’s garden-inspired wedding was perfectly set at Redbird LA, where the venue’s endless greenery and outdoor charm effortlessly complemented the event’s emerald, white and gold color palette. The triangle, which is the groom’s favorite shape, held special significance for the occasion and were thoughtfully incorporated into elements such as the invitations and guest favors. The altar arch, a triangle comprising the couple’s first initials, had dual meaning: It was designed to form both an “A” for Alex and an “I” for Iqra, signifying the couple’s union. In addition, each side of the triangle symbolized the unique wedding date, 1/11, making it a memorable day for anniversaries to come. Floral arrangements were intentionally minimal, with eucalyptus leaves as the focus to pay homage to the couple’s first home together, which had two large eucalyptus trees in the front yard. Following the ceremony, guests located their seats on a chart featuring priceless Polaroid snaps of the couple. To commemorate when they first met, at work, Iqra and Alex offered guests the opportunity to have professional headshots taken by the photographer, as a gag favor for their LinkedIn profiles. Further entertainment included a DJ and endless dancing. As the reception came to a close, a party bus chauffeured guests to the couple’s home to continue the celebration with tacos and tequila shots. As the sun set, another bus arrived to transport the wedding party to the airport, where they caught a red-eye and embarked on a journey to Mexico to revel in its vibrant culture and celebrate on its stunning beaches.

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