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Garden Party Goals with Good Gracious! Events

Whether you're planning a bridal shower or an intimate wedding, learn how to turn your backyard into the ultimate garden party luxury.
Katie Ringhand
Garden party table setting how to

Transform your outdoor space into an incredible garden party masterpiece using these five key elements!

Incorporate tradition into your gathering by using special dishware that has been passed down and can tell a story. This vintage Jadeite dishware is delicate, yet vibrant, and adds a luxurious feel to the table setting.

Create beauty in your space through selecting a color palette and pulling inspiration from fashion. Mix textiles in your tablescape and garnish your meal with local florals and delicate, yet powerful herbs. Floral centerpiece and meadow cress embellishment can also add beauty to the space.

Find meaning in your gathering by honoring your heritage. Select a recipe that has been passed down through your family such as classic British hand pies.

Throughout this whole gathering, remain sustainable by sourcing local, seasonal ingredients and florals. Local summer berries are a perfect addition to the meal. Also, use what you have to decorate and create an aesthetic.

Finally, pull everything together into a celebration by focusing on plating and presentation and, of course, enjoying your meal! Chamomile Tea Panna Cotta adorned with local summer berries is the perfect dessert to share with this gathering.

Use these tips to create the ultimate gathering now with those close to you or tuck these tips away until larger parties can be thrown again. The newly-launched Good Gracious! Events' Marketplace offers items to anyone in Los Angeles for pickup and delivery.

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