Grandiose Matrimonial Blend of East and West at Hummingbird Nest Ranch

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Erin and Garret's wedding tied in elements from both Chinese and American cultures while paying homage to their history together.
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Emily Sweet

Erin Zheng and Garret Ma transformed Hummingbird Nest Ranch into an autumnal wedding paradise that prominently featured elements from both Chinese and American culture. Erin and Garet opted for a harmonious union between their cultural roots in Asia and modern-day life in California, and the luxurious design for their wedding day was adorned with pink and red hues and luscious florals.

The couple found a shared career interest as they both began working in management consulting, a position requiring lots of travel. Garret has now transitioned his professional interests to lead operations at a startup, but the duo's love of travel persisted and as a nod to their explorations and consulting backgrounds, travel was a special motif found throughout wedding day details. A vintage world map made for a charming seating map, and tables paid tribute to meaningful cities from Erin and Garret's relationship.

A traditional Cantonese tea ceremony added a meaningful gathering of loved ones and the happy couple was a regal vision in “Xiu He," traditional Chinese marriage attire. Delicate embellishments and golden accents brought a true sparkle to the entire look. Garret and his groomsmen worked their way through a set of obstacles before reaching bride Erin to escort her to the ceremony. Set under a gazebo, the tea ceremony bestowed special honors on the senior members of the family and was an elegant addition to the day for both families. 

Erin opted for a more traditionally Western look for the ceremony, a stunning contrast against a repurposed Chinese door that served as an elaborate floral altar. Florals were the epitome of a blended cohesion between East and West, with gold-foiled leaves and orchids intertwined with white anemones and purple ranunculus. The reception transformed the Chinese door used in the ceremony, pairing it with the modern glamour of a chandelier. The patio at Hummingbird Nest Ranch was a breathtaking beauty, offering views of California's vistas and Spanish-influenced architecture. A highlight for the couple was entering the patio as music from "La La Land" swelled and guests gave a well-earned standing ovation to the newlyweds. 

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