Industrial Wedding With Boho Infusions at Millwick in Los Angeles

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Christina and Lee transformed their venue in LA's Arts District into an autumn oasis.
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Catherine Cortes


California Wedding Day Fall/Winter 2023

Although both Christina Yi and Lee Harder grew up in the South—Christina is from Tennessee, and Lee is from Georgia—they loved the idea of tying the knot in LA, the city they now call home. “We thought it would be a fun ‘destination wedding’ for our friends and family if we celebrated our marriage where we were living,” says Christina. Though married in a civil ceremony in 2021, the couple thought it was important to also have an intimate celebration with loved ones. For a venue, they chose Millwick, which is located in Los Angeles’ Arts District, one of their favorite areas in the city. “It’s a pretty magical feeling when you walk into the venue, because you wouldn’t expect it to be there,” says Christina. The couple was drawn to Millwick’s blend of “industrial, tropical and artsy.” Their vision of an autumn-hued boho-style wedding was brought to life by Kate Flowers LA, which artfully created arrangements in hues of soft cream, rich brown and delicate pink, accentuated by dried florals and abundant pampas grass. During the ceremony, the couple placed wooden mandarin ducks on the ceremonial table; the ducks are a traditional Korean wedding gift that symbolizes a lifelong bond between devoted partners. The couple also chose to tie a fisherman’s knot as part of their union ceremony, as an homage to Lee’s Eagle Scout experience. Because the couple shares a deep appreciation for cuisine, food was a highlight of their wedding. In a bow to the bride’s Korean heritage, they served japchae, a traditional Korean noodle dish, for dinner. In Korean culture, serving noodles at a wedding is considered a good omen, symbolizing longevity. For a late-night snack, Christina and Lee delighted their guests with LA’s famous Kogi BBQ food truck, which serves an iconic fusion of Korean flavors and California tacos. To top it off, they treated their guests to one of their personal dessert favorites: Randy’s Donuts.

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Los Angeles, CA