An Intimate Food-Focused Wedding Day at Vibiana and Redbird

Real Wedding
Grace & Anthony's festive Los Angeles celebration
Written by
Sara Hubbard


California Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2023

Grace Fraser and Anthony Etchegoyen love a lot of things in life‭. ‬Foremost among those are their friends and family‭, ‬food and each other—all of which were reflected at their intimate wedding at Vibiana and The Garden at Redbird in downtown Los Angeles‭. ‬The couple met at a party when they were both freshmen in college‭, ‬and they felt an instant connection‭. ‬For the next four years‭, ‬they would‭ ‬pass their time at the beach and began to build their life together‭. ‬More than a decade after that fateful party‭, ‬Grace and Anthony prepared to tie the knot‭. ‬Choosing where to say‭ ‬“I do”‭ ‬was easy‭. ‬After all‭, ‬Grace’s father and stepmom‭, ‬chef Neal Fraser and Amy Knoll Fraser‭, ‬own and operate Vibiana and Redbird‭. ‬Very important to Grace and Anthony is their love for dining out and delicious meals‭, ‬so naturally‭, ‬the focal point of their wedding was food‭. Grace’s Aunt Tiffany‭, ‬who also got married at Vibiana‭, ‬officiated the ceremony‭, ‬taking care to include personal details when she spoke‭ ‬of the couple‭. ‬Cocktail hour featured the couple’s favorite magician‭, ‬Hannibal‭, ‬and their favorite pizza in LA from Zach Pollack‭, ‬chef-owner of the restaurants Alimento and Cosa‭ ‬Buona‭. ‬The reception featured a four-course‭, ‬family-style dinner crafted by Grace’s father‭, ‬Chef Neal Fraser‭. ‬After dinner‭, ‬the party continued upstairs in the West Room‭, ‬where guests danced and hammed it up in‭ ‬the photo booth‭. ‬Later‭, ‬Grace’s father and stepmother surprised the couple with late-night bites cooked up by their friends Arjun and Nakul Mahendro‭, ‬owners and chefs at Badmaash‭. ‬The couple became so swept up in the festivities that they forgot their first dance‭, ‬which Grace said was‭ ‬ultimately a blessing‭, ‬considering they hadn’t practiced enough anyway‭. ‬But that’s not to say they didn’t take to the floor later to dance the night away among their friends and family‭. ‬“We wanted our wedding to be a celebration of our love‭, ‬a feast of all our favorite foods and dancing until we couldn’t dance anymore‭,‬”‭ ‬said Grace‭. ‬“When we woke up the next day‭, ‬we both said we wished we could do it all over again‭.

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Los Angeles, CA







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