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Intimate Microwedding Dazzles Against Malibu Backdrop

This seven-person event prioritized safety while tying in personal touches.
Emily Sweet

Pamela Craig and Michael Joyce, who live in Hawaii, met their guests in the middle for an intimate, mindful and sustainable wedding at Casa di Pietra in Malibu. The duo, who always wanted a small guest count with a dinner-party atmosphere, emphasized the theme of community at their seven-person event. One of the most important elements of their wedding was ensuring every detail supported local farms, small businesses and women of color. Bride Pamela hand-picked a team of women of color and female business owners to bring the celebration together. She also worked to have locally sourced food, flowers that would be repurposed after the wedding and to have the event be as close to producing zero waste as possible. Pamela and Michael were also adamant about dispensing with wedding clichés, opting to make the day uniquely their own. The dinner brought together the flavors of California with tantalizing dining options. A bold mixologist accentuated the dinner-party ambiance the couple had envisioned. Guests were treated to a variety of thoughtful touches, such as personalized menus, hand-painted agate stones at each place setting and Turkish towels to keep family and friends warm as the evening approached. In a unique and heart-felt twist during their ceremony, Michael and Pamela read one another’s vows, underscoring an unforgettable and meaningful event.

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