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Choosing the Perfect Women's Wedding Band

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You’ve been wearing and adoring your engagement ring, but the big day is drawing nearer and you’re still no closer to picking out a wedding band. Not sure where to start? We break down the most popular styles, shapes and metals to make your choice simple.

Plain Wedding Rings

A handcrafted plain wedding ring is anything but ordinary. Timeless, elegant, and available in a range of precious metals and finishes, a plain band is the perfect complement to your dazzling engagement ring. Don’t be afraid to opt for a metal that’s different, either. Rose gold and platinum, for example, is a combination that feels eclectic and chic.


If you are considering a wedding ring without the addition of diamonds and gemstones, there are still options for making the piece stand out. Braided detailing on the band, or a vintage-inspired milgrain finish will result in a wedding band that feels special and uniquely yours.

Classic Diamond Wedding Rings

For a classic approach, consider the elements of your engagement ring that you want to draw attention to. Love its center stone’s sparkle? Try a French-set diamond wedding band, with the closely set diamonds producing a seamless stream of brilliance that amplifies and accentuates.


Alternatively, a five-stone diamond wedding band will bring lots of luxurious glamour to your bridal stack – ideal, if your engagement ring is a simple solitaire style. Consider platinum or 18kt white gold for a timelessly sleek look, that complements each diamond. Yellow gold feels more traditional, while rose gold is a contemporary twist.


Vintage Diamond Wedding Rings

Feeling vintage? Explore exquisitely handmade styles with antique-inspired techniques. From Grecian ivy to Celtic-style braiding across the band, it’s easy to find ornate bridal jewelry that resonates and feels intensely personal.


Micropavé diamond settings were popularized in the 1920s and came to define the exuberant jewelry style of the Art Deco era. A wedding band adorned with these tiny round diamonds brings striking sparkle, in a style that feels inspired by Old-World glamour.


Statement Diamond Eternity Rings

A diamond eternity band is most typically gifted to celebrate wedding anniversaries or vow renewals, but they are stunning alternatives to the traditional wedding ring.


For a statement style, consider fancy diamond shapes such as the Asscher (see title photo) or emerald, encircling the finger in an endless row of step-cut diamonds with vintage appeal. If exploring these styles, platinum and white gold are the best metal choices, so that the diamonds appear to seamlessly rest against each other with very little visible setting.

Choosing a wedding band can take time, as you want to get one that fits well with your engagement ring, as well as your tastes and budget. Think about whether you prefer a band that subtly complements your existing ring, or one that takes center stage.

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