A Pink Vintage-Meets-Tropical Wedding in Los Angeles‭

Real Wedding
Jonika and Hans' eclectic celebration at Valentine‭ DTLA
Written by
Sara Hubbard


California Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2023

Jonika Kelso took a unique approach to designing her and Hans VanBrill’s wedding‭. ‬Instead of picking one style to be carried throughout the celebration‭, ‬she looked at each component of their big day‭ ‬individually‭, ‬curating distinctive atmospheres for every moment‭. ‬“Italian Summer”‭ ‬was the theme for the bridesmaids’‭ ‬looks‭, ‬while the tablescapes were defined by a sense of minimalism‭. ‬Yet despite this seeming disparity‭, ‬there was a definite sense of cohesion throughout the whole affair‭. ‬Jonika has a penchant for all things vintage‭, ‬which was evident during the event‭. ‬Jonika’s brother‭, ‬who officiated the ceremony‭, ‬wore an antique coral brooch set with matching earrings‭. ‬The bride herself wore a collection of her mother’s handkerchiefs‭, ‬which served as both her something borrowed and something blue‭. ‬Jonika and Hans’‭ ‬love for Hawaii also was on show throughout‭. ‬Valentine‭, ‬in downtown Los Angeles‭, ‬is known for its vintage tropical look‭, ‬seamlessly tying together the couple’s aesthetics‭. ‬It was very important to the couple that their menu was exciting and fresh for their guests‭, ‬including both the physical menu‭, ‬which was designed by Jonika’s friend Kara‭, ‬as well as the food itself‭. ‬A raw bar at cocktail hour invited guests to indulge in the island vibe‭, ‬while dinner‭ ‬was a family-style feast that included sweet corn pasta‭, ‬braised short ribs and other delectables‭. ‬Jonika says‭, ‬“I have never been privy to wedding trends myself‭, ‬but I wanted to do what felt fun and right for us as a couple‭.‬”

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Los Angeles, CA







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