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Romantic Backyard Garden Wedding Perfect for Summer

Kayla and Gabe's beautiful wedding used natural foliage and florals to create a beautiful backyard venue.
Hailey Ashton

Although they had to rework their original plans due to COVID-19, Kayla and Gabe still had a beautiful, dream wedding in their parent’s backyard. Originally, the couple wanted to get married at the venue where Kayla’s parents got married, but plans fell through from the 2020 reschedules. Luckily, they were able to reconfigure their plans and had a more intimate, personal venue where their guests could relax, dance, and enjoy their time with the newlyweds. Kayla and Gabe downsized their wedding from the traditional Armenian weddings, which are considered to be massive family events. Even their original plans of having 150 guests would have been small and practically unheard of for an Armenian ceremony. Kayla and Gabe got engaged during a concert for Yann Tiersen, the composer of one of their favorite films, Amelie. Gabe’s sister is also a musician who sang with a guitar for their first dance, showing just how important family was for the couple’s special day. 

The wedding consisted of deep greens, whites, and blushes, creating a romantic, summer vibe for the ceremony. They used the backyard’s natural foliage and florals from Isabel Cañas to create a lush, alluring garden vibe that was perfect for the couple’s wishes. They included a delicious spread of cuisines for their guests to match the charming backyard setup. Kayla and Gabe also provided small favors for their guests like customized bug spray and artisinal soaps. Their special day was photographed beautifully by Kellie Viagem, who captured the beauty of the venue and the couple’s love perfectly. Kayla and Gabe’s positivity throughout the pandemic and their devotion to creating a beautiful ceremony allowed them to spend their special day surrounded by loved ones who they could sing, dance, cry, and laugh with the whole night. 

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