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Seaside Bohemian Wedding at the Cliffs Hotel and Spa

Surrounded by the stunning views of Pismo Beach, this event was simply chic.
Emily Sweet
Paola Christiansen

After 11 years of dating, high school sweethearts Jenika Moreno and Austin Henderson couldn’t wait to tie the knot at the Cliffs Hotel and Spa in Pismo Beach last fall. After postponing their wedding because of the pandemic, the couple was finally able to book the venue three weeks before the big day. For Jenika and Austin, who can often be found enjoying a beachfront picnic and basking in the sun, the Pacific Ocean was a fitting backdrop for their wedding day. A palette of soft neutral and earth tones set the foundation for a bohemian-chic event that showcased the couple’s love for nature. The elegant centerpieces were crafted out of pampas grass hand-picked by Jenika and Austin from nearby beaches, and the décor also featured dream catchers from Jenika’s bridal shower. To accommodate the nighttime weather, Jenika, her mother and her bridesmaids were wrapped in faux fur shawls, giving the entire bridal party a swanky touch. The ceremony incorporated elements of Jenika’s and Austin’s Christian faith, culminating in an exchange of handwritten vows. This emotional moment set the perfect foundation for Jenika and Austin’s future together.

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