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Something Blue: Elizabeth and Jordan's Unique SoCal Wedding

Personal touches and memorable family moments abound in this elegant affair at Hangar 21.
Nicole Wu
Photo by Bryte Moments

Date: January 9, 2021

Elizabeth and Jordan Muliaman celebrated their wedding in their own unique fashion, full of personal touches and family moments. Elizabeth took the tradition of “something blue” to heart and opted for ocean hues throughout the design of the celebration. From the hydrangeas and echinops in Elizabeth’s bouquet to the florals lining the aisle and the bridesmaids’ beautiful dresses, bold blues infused the elegant affair with vibrant color. The Indonesian tradition of family photo sessions while the bridal party prepares for the wedding was an important element for Elizabeth to include. Elizabeth and Jordan also honored their parents by presenting them with bouquets of gratitude during the ceremony. Another of the ceremony’s VIPs was Rudolph, the couple’s beloved husky, who strolled down the aisle as the couple’s ring bearer. After the ceremony, the grandest of grand entrances took place as the newly-weds arrived at their reception via helicopter. Guests gathered as the helicopter landed, and the newlywed couple exited the aircraft with AC/DC’s “Back in Black” blasting through the speakers for a truly one-of-a-kind entrance.

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